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Our Pledge to You

We will sell you only the highest quality CBD products. Our products come from a company with an integrated system from organically grown hemp with proprietary genetics grown in their own fields; harvested, processed and manufactured in their registered food manufacturing facility. All THC free products are processed with a supercritical CO2 process.

About Us

We live in a 55+ community near Mesa, Arizona. We have been retired for 12 years and are very active in the out of doors and we exercise regularly in our well-equipped weight and exercise room. We frequently suffer from sprains, strains, muscle fatigue and pain. THC Free and Full Spectrum CBD products are a regular part of our everyday life.

Having been a first responder for over 40 years, the need for quality products that actually contain what the label says is in any package is well understood.


Client Reviews

  • C. V.
    I was using the 1000mg Tincture. Decided to try the Gummies and like them much better, easy to pop in my mouth and go on about the day.
    C. V.
  • K. H. – March 15, 2020
    My daughter-in-law sells CBD products in another state. I tried Desert Sunrise CBD products and found they worked better for my needs. The price was much better and I really like the flavor. Highly recommend.
    K. H. – March 15, 2020
  • K. B. – March 15, 2020
    I’ve tried several CBD brands and settled on Desert Sunrise CBD because they have been very helpful and eager to work with me to find the solutions I need. I’m now paying half the price I was paying at a local CBD store and get better pain management. I use the topical for neck pain and have noticed my fingernails have improved on the hand I use to rub in the topical. Am now using topical on both hands.
    K. B. – March 15, 2020
  • J. D.
    After trying three of their products and flavors, I found the 1000mg vanilla flavor is my favorite. Bruce and Claudia have been great helping me find the right product to help with my IBS needs.
    J. D.